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Caitlin Mccarthy


Write your own story, says dance superstar Mette Towley.

As one of the creators for our VRCT campaign, Mette chose AUTHOR for her jacket badge. While shooting in Berlin, we grabbed 15 mins with her to find out what it means to her.

If you don’t know Mette, where have you been? The lead dancer for N.E.R.D, the girl who had her head shaved by Ri-Ri in ­that video, she’s going stellar, with a stage that’s ever expanding. And no wonder – she’s strong, with moves like liquid and a vibe that tells you she’ll get what she wants.

I chose the word AUTHOR because, for me, it gives me more agency to live a life that I choose. When I think about a story, the author is in complete control.


VRCT-SP_METTE-03-IMG-OOk, so why AUTHOR? Mette told us: “I chose the word AUTHOR because, for me, it gives me more agency to live a life that I choose. When I think about a story, the author is in complete control – over the characters, the themes, the climactic points, the lessons in it all. And so, for me, I’m the author of the narrative of my life and I think that’s very important to represent.

If you’re reading this and want to change your own story, Mette says start now. “Every single choice is connected to something greater. Every single encounter with another person, with a conflict, is an opportunity to create a better story.” And she’s always thinking as fast as she moves: “If something comes up that I didn’t have the availability to complete or conquer, I’m designing ways around that so that I can be successful, and I can win.

But don’t be fake. Your story’s not like anyone else’s and Mette says you gotta tell it like it is. “If you’re trying to decide what to stand for, think about what tugs at your heartstrings. What are the moments in your life that have made you gasp for air?

What are the moments in your life that have brought you a considerable physical reaction?”

Dance is like a peaceful weapon.


Mette attended the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts, where she was part of a dance company that had a strong impact on her. “Relentless in the pursuit of artistic excellence” and “invested in socio-political themes” is how she describes it. And that’s where dance took on more meaning for her: “When aesthetic roots itself and becomes… more than that. It’s almost like a peaceful weapon,” she said.


Whatever you’re representing, you’ve got to live and breathe it. Mette does – and what’s more, she’s passionate about sharing it. It’s the way she talks, the way she makes sure you know exactly what she means. We wanted to know: if you’re writing your own narrative, what’s the one thing you shouldn’t forget? Mette says: “You have to be able to take on challenges, fight for what you believe in.” And whatever you’re using to push your story forward, she adds: “Most importantly, fight for others. Because you’ll never be in a story alone.”


We designed the VRCT jacket as a canvas for self-expression, inspired by athletic tradition. Wear it your way, with a custom patch that shows what you stand for. What do you represent?

adidas / setembro 2019
Caitlin Mccarthy